Self-efficacy and motivation predict leisure time physical activity


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Garg, S. (2022). Self-efficacy and motivation predict leisure time physical activity: a cross sectional study from India. Life Style, 8(1), 35–46.


Correlates of physical activity are relatively less understood in India. This study was conducted in the state of Kerala which suffers from a high burden of chronic diseases in the country due to epidemiological transition. A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 500 adults in Kottayam district of Kerala. Multivariable logistic regression analysis determined that high fitness motives (OR=8.45, 95%CI 1.58-11.34), high self-efficacy (OR=3.71, 95%CI 1.75-8.08), support from friends and family (OR=4.46, 95%CI 1.09-18.20) and being married (OR=2.59,95%CI 1.08-6.23) were key predictors of leisure time physical activity than their counterparts.


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